Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lingerie TV : The Good, The Bad and The Crazy

The Good Lingerie TV

In one of my recent tweets to Figleaves, I noticed that had launched (yes it may have been around for a while, so should I say, I have just noticed) a shiny video channel on YouTube.

Since this I have noticed more and more lingerie bloggers and brands with YouTube Videos - Yes I hear what you are all saying “have I been living in a cave for the past three years?” – well my answer is no and to make up for my lingerie TV ignorance. Here is a list my top 5 good lingerie TV channels on YouTube.

Figleaves TV:
Visit Figleaves TV.

Knicker-Picker TV:

Playtex TV:
Visit Playtex TV.

Agent Provocateur TV:
Visit Agent Provocateur TV.

Victoria’s Secrets TV:
Visit Victoria’s Secrets TV.

The Bad Lingerie TV

Bad lingerie TV… well where do I begin. The sites that are slow motion videos on YouTube with of us ladies jiggling in slow motion, whilst in our underwear. Three words… creepy, weird and pervy.
Now for my favourite part…

The Crazy Lingerie TV

For the majority of you who follow me on Twitter, you will notice that I recently tweeted about LFL. For those of you who are unaware of LFL, then let me enlighten you. LFL stands for Lingerie Football League.

This is no joke, although it is rather funny, it is a serious rough and tumble game of American football with ladies in their underwear. See the video below if you do not believe me or, for UK readers, you can watch it weekly on MTV 2.

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