Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

This weekend see’s the Halloween celebrations get in full swing ready for Monday night’s tricks and treats! I really enjoy celebrating Halloween with my friends and get dressed up in gruesome and funny outfits.

I love seeing all the funny and creative fancy dress costumes when you are at a Halloween party – as the 15 year old girl inside me giggles at the Halloween rule from Mean Girls (see the video below) as it is so true.

Happy Halloween from Agent Provocateur

My Halloween excitement was also pushed up a gear when I read (and tweeted) about the latest kooky and spooky Agent Provocateur Halloween Lingerie Campaign. This creepy video, named Les Fleurs du Mal, has been made to celebrate the launch of their new Soiree 2011-2012 range.

Agent Provocateur Soiree 2011 from Agent Provocateur on Vimeo.

Halloween Lingerie & Hosiery

So with all this Halloween excitement, I thought I would research/shop into what types of lingerie and hosiery inspired Halloween clothing was out on the market, and here is what I found.

Halloween Costume:

These have to be the best lingerie inspired Halloween costumes that I have seen from 3Wishes.Com (I love the mermaid outfit).

Halloween Hosiery:

Here is a collection of Halloween Hosiery to inspire any costume. You can find these cute little collections from Sparkling Strawberry.

So if you are staying in watching scary movies are going to a party, I hope that you all have a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Jessie J, Henry Holland and Pretty Polly!

The perfect Hosiery Trio

One word. EXCITED!

When I heard that the beautiful Jessie J would be the new face of Henry Holland's tights collection for Pretty Polly - I could not contain my excitement.

With her vibrant personality (and long legs to die for), I knew this collaboration would boost the brands reputation even higher!

When Jessie was asked about how she felt on adversing the campaign, she said "I was the front of the queue for legs. Ever since I started out as a singer, tights have been my statement. When you put on a pair of tights, you feel sexy and powerful.

I have been wearing House of Holland for Pretty Polly tights for ages, there was a point when I almost hadn't realised I was wearing them every time I left my house!"

Jessie & Henry Love Pretty Polly!

As if this all wasn't enough excitement I then saw the advert in which Jessie models the suspender tights...
As you can see from the image below, it has an amazing superheroes theme with a stand out "WHAM" catchline. (that makes me want them even MORE!)

I also love the little behid the scenes comic book style video! In short (or should we say the long of it) Jessie looks incrediable and I want a pair of these tights - at the bargain price of £12 I will definately be investing!

So will you be investing in a pair of these tights? Will they become a winter must have? They are certainly on my list. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Guest Blog By M&S

M&S Lingerie Helps Women Fake the Hourglass - No Matter What Body Shape!

The hourglass figure was well and truly on display at last month’s Emmy Awards, with the likes of Christina Hendricks and Kate Winslet pouring their curves into stunning dresses on the red carpet.

However, not all women can be blessed with a big bust, a tiny waist and silky smooth hips, and so M&S is offering quick lingerie fixes to help ladies transform their figure and give the illusion of a much sought-after hourglass silhouette.

Apple to hourglass

Apple shaped ladies are likely to have a good bust and legs, but with weight stored around the tummy - so all that’s needed is some crafty waist synching.

Essential lingerie piece: M&S Body Solutions Firm Control Waist Sculpt™ Cincher

This cincher creates a fashionable hourglass silhouette with its panel design, shaping the tummy and waist whilst still allowing women to wear their own lingerie.

Pear to hourglass

Pear-shaped ladies tend to have fairly bighips or thighs with a slimmer top half and a pretty flat tummy. So, it’s important to draw as much attention as possible to the waist and boost the cleavage.

Essential lingerie piece: M&S 2 Sizes Bigger Push-Up Bra

This lightweight push-up bra is designed for maximum impact and will doubtlessly draw the eye to the upper body. The clever padding gives the appearance of a cleavage 2 cup sizes larger and the bra can been worn with the straps at the back for an extra cleavage boost.

Strawberry to Hourglass

Those with an inverted triangle, or strawberry, body shape will probably have big boobs and/or broad shoulders with a narrow waist and hips. When trying to achieve the perfect hourglass illusion there’s not too much work to do; it’s all about adding shape to those slim hips.

Essential lingerie piece: M&S Body Solutions Waist Sculpt™ Slip Firm Control

This waist slip is a practical essential that strawberries shouldn’t be without. It's perfect for enhancing the look of dresses and skirts and adding volume to the lower body.

Banana to Hourglass

Rectangle-shaped ladieswill be fairly straight up and down, and the stark opposite to an hourglass, making this the trickiest transformation of all! That’s not to say that it’s impossible though.

Essential lingerie piece: M&S Body Solutions Bonded Waist Sculpt™ Body Firm Control

This firm control body gently shapes a rectangle figure all over for a smoother, sleeker silhouette. Its padded cups will add curves to the top half, so that all that’s needed is a full-skirted to dress to bulk out the bottom half.

And for the Natural Hourglasses

Real hourglasses will have a similarly sized bust and hips, with a much smaller, defined waist. This figure needs making the most of with vintage-style lingerie from the original hourglass era.

Essential lingerie piece: Autograph Rose Lace Padded Longline Bra

Elegant and feminine, this longline bra has a rose lace design which shows off an hourglass to its full potential.

Gentle padding and underwiring give a flattering uplifted shape resulting in sophisticated, modern glamour.

Friday, 14 October 2011

A New Victoria’s Secret

Wow, wow... WOW!

This is all I can say about the new autumn/winter range from Victoria’s Secrets who have used the beautiful Adriana Lima.

Since appearing in Spain Vogue, modelling a stunning range of lingerie wear, she has been in demand by the fashion industry.

The perfect model…

When I read about the latest collection, I could not believe that Adriana Lima was actually 30 years old! All I can say is that I hope I look as great as her when I reach 30. In my opinion Victoria’s Secrets have chosen the perfect model for their collection.


I think that it is safe to say, this collection will has the potential to sell out quickly for the ladies who want to wear it and for the guys who want to see their girlfriends in it.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Beyonces Bump & Maternity Lingerie

A Maternity Fashion Role Model

It is without a doubt my favourite song on her hit album, 4, and now the beautiful Beyonce has released her song Countdown, as she showcases a variety of sixties inspired looks whilst exuding a pregnancy glow. 

This video completely hypnotises me, from her kooky bowl cut to her sleek long bob, it is safe to say that Beyonce looks amazing in this video. 

As I watched, paused and rewound this dazzling video it got me to thinking about pregnancy and maternity wear for women.

So many women that I have known to be pregnant, or have spoken to about pregnancy, tell me about the dreaded (and somewhat stereotypical) fears of maternity wear styles. These include the baggy style men’s t-shits and overall ‘frumpy’ attire within the maternity sections of many high street stores.

However when watching Beyonce’s video, it seems like she is challenging and remodelling the maternity stereotypes to incorporate her own style. After all she is still a young women, and like many other pregnant women, style is important and makes us feel good.

Beyonce even recently quoted that she enjoyed finding the right maternity wear and lingerie to suit her style.

Fashion Maternity Lingerie & Shapewear

So I thought I would do a little research into what maternity/support lingerie and shape wear is out on the market for pregnant women and here is what our found.

Asos offer a range supportive maternity lingerie and swimwear for mums to be. Using simple cotton fabrics with a sexy hint of lace makes them one of the perfect suppliers of maternity support wear. 

Next Maternity

Next use a range of colourful and feminine prints with their simple and supportive maternity ranges. They also offer a range of classic opaque maternity tights that will go perfectly underneath a chucky knit jumper dress or pretty floral tea dress. 

Topshop has to be one of my favourite maternity providers for creating comfort and sex appeal in their range. Pregnant women give off a beautiful glow, combine that with beautiful lingerie and they will look like a goddess.  

Fig Leaves Maternity

Fig Leaves range of maternity lingerie and swimwear use a range of classic monochrome prints with beautiful satin and cotton fabrics that include a hit of lace, to add that all around feminine touch. 

So for all of you pregnant ladies who are looking for a maternity lingerie source, here you have it. Four fashion brands who stock maternity, shape wear and swimwear products. 

Monday, 10 October 2011

The Perfect Shapewear For Christmas

Yes I am going to say it 2 months and 15 days until Christmas!

I love the Christmas season, as they say in the song “Tis’ the season to be jolly”, however like many other people I know, being jolly means eating too many treats. However at this moment in time the "Christmas countdown" only means one thing for me, party outfits!

So to help with the guilt of eating my 100th mince pie on Christmas day, I am on the search for the perfect shapewear to go with my party outfits. The term having my cake and eating it couldn’t be more fitting.

Next's 2011 Shapewear Collections

After searching various sites, I have decided to invest in quality and comfortable shapewear that I have found on Next Lingerie Online.

Triumph Shape Wear

Triumph offer a range of classic and colourful shapewear for women. With added lace detailing to camp up the underwear Triumph have created a simple yet sexy range of shapewear.


Ultimo Shapewear

This season Gossard have created simplistic shapewear that they have named the Miracle collection that provides tummy control and a two strap option.

Spanx Shapewear

For me Spanx is the classic choice of shapewear. As more and more lingerie specialists divulge into the shapewear market, there is simply something about Spanx that draws people in. This season the offer a Simplicity range - however one down side is it's just not as pretty as Ultimo and Triumph.

Have you used shapewear do contour your curves? Let me know what you think of these brands and if they work for you!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Simply Gok Wan: New Collection!

On my search for never ending underwear purchases, I recently came across the new Simply Gok Wan lingerie and shapeware collection for Simply Yours. I have never seen this site before, shame on me, but it is full of great underwear brands.  
The majority of ladies within the UK love Gok Wan, as he is seen as a shining styled beacon of hope for some many women who suffer from body confidence.  After launching his triumphant control wear collection, Gok seems to have carried on his talent for lingerie and has launched a new shapewear range for ladies size 10-32, with a B-G cup and back size of 32-46.

I love Goks Underwear Range!

The collection uses a range of luxury satins, seductive laces and feminine floral’s as well as offering ultimate support and comfort to the ladies wearing them. My favourite product within this range has to be the cherry blossom collection. 

How does the shapewear range compare to other brands?

Although Gok’s range promises to create a super smooth shape that will accentuate and contour my curves, there are a range of other shape wear and lingerie providers, such as Playtex and Utlimo,  who specialise in providing ultimate comfort and support for women wishing to create a smoother shape.

So I am calling out to all you lingerie loving ladies who like to sculpting and maximise your curves. Which brand would you choose? Personally I am torn between Playtex and Gok.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

 This October thousands of women (and quite a few men) are coming together to raise the awareness of breast cancer.  This distressing disease affects over 50,000 women each year, which in return leads to an emotionally challenging time for families and friends and in some unfortunate circumstances unfair goodbyes.

Sites such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Asda’s Tickled Pink are full of helpful information from how to check for cancerous lumps to support for the people who get it.

How can support Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

There are lots of ways to help support breast cancer awareness from making a donation on the site (or by clicking on the Donate and Make a Difference Above) to purchasing something from Debenhams, Asda, LaSenza and many more companies who are getting involved.


Debenhams are selling a range of products that will donate breast cancer awareness week - From Playtex Women’s Bras to Exclusive Charity T-Shirts.


Asda launched their Tickled Pink campaign over 15 years ago and donate their proceedings to two breast cancer charities. You can purchase clothing, underwear and jewellery from Asda’s Tickled Pick collection.

Asda are also another company who push the boundaries in campaigning for breast cancer as they also generate exclusive deals with food & drink brands, stocked within their stores, to donate to breast cancer charities.

LaSenza and Paloma Faith

Popular singers Paloma Faith are LaSenze lingerie have collaborated for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Paloma has designed an exclusive range of sleepwear and lingerie with 10% of each purchase going towards Breast Cancer Care.

So there you have it, there are lots of ways to make a small or large donation to this months breast cancer awareness campaign.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Exciting Bra Trends for Fall 2011

Baby, it’s cold outside! (Well, it’s getting there.) And what better way to greet the new season than with new lingerie? Let’s take a look at the bra trends that are guaranteed to light up this fall like a firework.

We all know that one of the best things about autumn is the colors, and this year that applies to bras as well as leaves. Match your bra to the inky black nights, mix things up with dark reds and browns, or give yourself a Halloween treat by indulging in gorgeous shades of pumpkin and burnt orange. Ideal for those who like to keep their lingerie regal, deep purple is also popular this season.
Sophisticated colors are even more spectacular when combined with luxurious lace. We’re all over Le Mystere’s classic Tisha collection this fall. Our favorite bras from the line include the Lace Tisha Bra in black and the dark purple Dream Tisha Bra.
Another collection that perfectly embodies this season’s trends is Gorgeous by Victoria’s Secret. We can’t decide what we like most—the intricate detail of the brand new Lace Demi Bra, the stunning use of color contrast on the new Embroidered Push-up Bra, or just the presence of bold colors in general.

Honorable mentions also go to individual pieces like the Wacoal Opulence Underwire Bra (pictured above) and Freya Lyla. The former is now available in an on-trend purple/navy colorway, while Freya’s exquisite creation is sheer with floral embroidery and available in both black and red.
If contrast embroidery and overlay aren’t enough to get your pulse racing, polka dots are giving the season a retro flavor. Yet another reason to check out Victoria’s Secret, many of the Body by Victoria bras are available in polka dot. Also making a comeback is our old favorite, leopard print. Indulge your wild side with Elomi’s Asia Underwire Molded Bra, the Cosabella Anouck Soft Bra, and the Betsey Johnson Underwire Leopard Bra. We especially like Betsey’s take on the trend thanks to the bra’s ornate lace overlays.
Want another reason to welcome the dropping temperatures with open arms? Well, keep in mind that with cooler weather comes heavier clothing, and that means we can rock embroidered and embellished lingerie without the risk of show-through. Less-revealing clothes also allow us to get away with fuller bra styles—no more worrying about the tops of our bra cups peeking out from low necklines. So make the most of the cool temps and dark nights by having fun with cool styles and dark shades. Experiment with the season’s patterns, and make the trends work for you. Then be sure to let us know what other trends you’ve spotted this fall and which ones you love!
This guest blog post was brought to you by Classy Bras!