Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Beyonces Bump & Maternity Lingerie

A Maternity Fashion Role Model

It is without a doubt my favourite song on her hit album, 4, and now the beautiful Beyonce has released her song Countdown, as she showcases a variety of sixties inspired looks whilst exuding a pregnancy glow. 

This video completely hypnotises me, from her kooky bowl cut to her sleek long bob, it is safe to say that Beyonce looks amazing in this video. 

As I watched, paused and rewound this dazzling video it got me to thinking about pregnancy and maternity wear for women.

So many women that I have known to be pregnant, or have spoken to about pregnancy, tell me about the dreaded (and somewhat stereotypical) fears of maternity wear styles. These include the baggy style men’s t-shits and overall ‘frumpy’ attire within the maternity sections of many high street stores.

However when watching Beyonce’s video, it seems like she is challenging and remodelling the maternity stereotypes to incorporate her own style. After all she is still a young women, and like many other pregnant women, style is important and makes us feel good.

Beyonce even recently quoted that she enjoyed finding the right maternity wear and lingerie to suit her style.

Fashion Maternity Lingerie & Shapewear

So I thought I would do a little research into what maternity/support lingerie and shape wear is out on the market for pregnant women and here is what our found.

Asos offer a range supportive maternity lingerie and swimwear for mums to be. Using simple cotton fabrics with a sexy hint of lace makes them one of the perfect suppliers of maternity support wear. 

Next Maternity

Next use a range of colourful and feminine prints with their simple and supportive maternity ranges. They also offer a range of classic opaque maternity tights that will go perfectly underneath a chucky knit jumper dress or pretty floral tea dress. 

Topshop has to be one of my favourite maternity providers for creating comfort and sex appeal in their range. Pregnant women give off a beautiful glow, combine that with beautiful lingerie and they will look like a goddess.  

Fig Leaves Maternity

Fig Leaves range of maternity lingerie and swimwear use a range of classic monochrome prints with beautiful satin and cotton fabrics that include a hit of lace, to add that all around feminine touch. 

So for all of you pregnant ladies who are looking for a maternity lingerie source, here you have it. Four fashion brands who stock maternity, shape wear and swimwear products. 

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