Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Guest Post: Wonderbra UK Ultimate Plunge

A Note from Me: If you are reading this blog post, then like me, you have a love for Wonderbra and their 'miracle' bras.  I recently had the privilege of being contacted by Wonderbra to ask me to post about their new Ultimate Challenge! So here it is or as they used to say 'read all about it, read all about it'. 



The Ultimate Challenge with WonderBra

Girls, say ‘hello’ to the only Wonderbra you’ll need this party season – The Ultimate Plunge bra. With it’s clear centre and deep plunge, you’ll be able to show off the perfect cleavage in the most daring of dresses this Christmas. 

Available up to a DD cup, not only does it come in a gorgeous black, but also nude, so you will be able to wear any coloured dress and achieve that enviable invisible bra look. With the Ultimate Plunge bra on you’ll feel so gorgeous, you will think all your Christmases have come at once!

To celebrate the launch of the new Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge, Wonderbra UK have an exclusive (weekly) Facebook Competition "The Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge Style Challenge", the lucky winners can receive a dream shopping experience with Lydia Rose Bright and a VIP night out in London are on offer.

Watch Lydia Bright take on the Ultimate Plunge!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

L&F Loves Guilty Pleasures

Lingerie and Fashion has had another honour in writing a guest post for lingerie blogger Guilty Pleasures.

One of my favourite lingerie reads, please support a fellow blogger and follow them on Facebook & Twitter as well as their blog.

You can see my latest post on What Your Bra Says About You.


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

H&M Swimwear Models Are Nothing But Robo-Babes.

When looking over the latest lingerie & fashion news, whilst sipping my morning cup of tea, I noticed that today's headlines were reporting on yet another fashion scandal. 

High-street retailer H&M have admitted to using computerised bodies and then super imposing a human head onto their swimwear models. 

Yet again, we have been shown that not all celebs/models/anyone who has a photo taken, are the ‘perfect person’ with perfect skin, hair, nails etc. No matter what their size they still have blemishes, cellulite and imperfections on their bodies. 

I tweeted last week at my shock (and no longer beating myself) up at the idea of not having great skin or being as toned as I would like to be. As an article was published showing the launch of a new tool that enables people to see who has been photo shopped in magazines. Another extreme example of 'body perfection' is celebrity blogger, Mr Paparazzi’s, fake ‘Ab’s on his 'Celebrity' Big Brother appearance. 

H&M's Thoughts...

So how have H&M responded to this revelation…here is what spokesman H├ącan Andersson had to say:

“It’s not a real body, it is completely virtual and made [by] the computer. We take pictures of the clothes on a doll that stands in the shop, and then create the human appearance with a program on [a] computer.”

“This is not about ideals or to show off a perfect body, we do this to demonstrate an item of clothing. This is done for all clothing, not just for underwear, both male and female clothing,” 

First of all, H&M are misleading customers as they do not state on their site that these women are computerised except their face. Second of all they say its not about ideals or the perfect body then why haven’t they 1. Used a mannequin all the way through or 2. Used a real women? 

The issue of how we look is being a pressing matter within society. With millions of women buying products to make them ‘perfect’ (don’t get me wrong, I am one of these women also) but maybe it’s time that we all took a step back and realised that we are all beautiful no matter what our shape, size or looks show. 

Just some food for thought, I’d love to get all your opinions? 

Friday, 2 December 2011

Happy 30th Birthday Britney

She's had multi platinum selling singles and albums, stared in Hollywood movies and made guest appearances in a number of popular US TV shows. 

She's gone from school girl to space chick, a snake charmer to a bad girl and a lion tamer to dance queen. Over the past 14 years she has been a constant star in the media spotlight and today she celebrates her 30th birthday.

I would like to say a very Happy 30th Birthday to the original princess of pop, Britney Spears! 

From the age of 11 I have admired and watched Britney Spears grow into a young women, so what if she got lost along the way, don't we all? But today she is still making great music and touring the world to see all her fans. 

Britney Loves Lingerie

So to celebrate this momentous occasion, I have collected my favourite lingerie styles of Britney. Like myself and the billions of women who love lingerie, Britney loves to show off her innovative and unique lingerie styles on stage. 

When looking through Britney's performances I also started to notice that she also loves to wear cute lingerie in her music videos. When looking checking through the back catalogue of Britney hits on YouTube. I came across one of her (not so popular hits) most raunchy lingerie styled videos that I have ever seen from Britney. As a lover of lingerie I don't know why I haven't blogged about this before! Maybe it is simply because I love the early Britney or that I just wish that she could erase the 'K-Fed' years. 

Either this is Britney looking rather sexy and cute in the music video, My Prerogative. 


Thursday, 17 November 2011

L&F Loves The Lingerie Addict.

Check out my guest blog post on Festive Season Shapewear for the lovely blog The Lingerie Addict.

Follow The Lingerie Addict

Be sure to follow the fabulous Treacle on TwitterTumblr and YouTube, as she blogs about the one amazing thing in a ladies life, lingerie.

And of course, I hope that you all enjoy my guest blog post.

Only 38 days until Christmas! It's time to get that festive season lingerie.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lingerie TV : The Good, The Bad and The Crazy

The Good Lingerie TV

In one of my recent tweets to Figleaves, I noticed that had launched (yes it may have been around for a while, so should I say, I have just noticed) a shiny video channel on YouTube.

Since this I have noticed more and more lingerie bloggers and brands with YouTube Videos - Yes I hear what you are all saying “have I been living in a cave for the past three years?” – well my answer is no and to make up for my lingerie TV ignorance. Here is a list my top 5 good lingerie TV channels on YouTube.

Figleaves TV:
Visit Figleaves TV.

Knicker-Picker TV:

Playtex TV:
Visit Playtex TV.

Agent Provocateur TV:
Visit Agent Provocateur TV.

Victoria’s Secrets TV:
Visit Victoria’s Secrets TV.

The Bad Lingerie TV

Bad lingerie TV… well where do I begin. The sites that are slow motion videos on YouTube with of us ladies jiggling in slow motion, whilst in our underwear. Three words… creepy, weird and pervy.
Now for my favourite part…

The Crazy Lingerie TV

For the majority of you who follow me on Twitter, you will notice that I recently tweeted about LFL. For those of you who are unaware of LFL, then let me enlighten you. LFL stands for Lingerie Football League.

This is no joke, although it is rather funny, it is a serious rough and tumble game of American football with ladies in their underwear. See the video below if you do not believe me or, for UK readers, you can watch it weekly on MTV 2.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Amy Childs & Ultimo Lingerie … Shut Up!

Last week saw the announcement that, the ex-Only Way Is Essex star Amy Child’s was to be the new face, and body, of Ultimo’s Bra Queen Collection for Tesco.

According to the popular lingerie brand, the Bra Queen brand is designed for the everyday woman who loves fashionable lingerie, without the fashionable price tag.

In terms of the actual collection, it is aimed at creating comfort, shaping, extra lift and cleavage enhancing techniques with sizes ranging from a B to DD cup. The designs are a combination of feminine laces, sexy leopard prints and sophisticated satin fabrics.

Celebrity Lingerie Campaigns

When looking at the Amy Childs and Ultimo Lingerie campaign, it got me to thinking about other successful celebrity and lingerie brand campaigns.

When doing a little research online, it turns out there have been hundreds, and I’m guessing there will be hundreds more to come.

So here is my Top 10 Celebrity Lingerie campaigns.

10. Pussy Cat Dolls for La Senza

9. Freddie Ljungberg for Calvin Klien

8. Kelly Brook for New Look

7. Rihanna for Armani

6. Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur

5. Megan Fox Armani

4.  Miranda Kerr for Victoria's Secrets

3. David Beckham Armani

2. Eva Mendes for Calvin Klien

1. Kylie Minogue for Agent Provocateur


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

This weekend see’s the Halloween celebrations get in full swing ready for Monday night’s tricks and treats! I really enjoy celebrating Halloween with my friends and get dressed up in gruesome and funny outfits.

I love seeing all the funny and creative fancy dress costumes when you are at a Halloween party – as the 15 year old girl inside me giggles at the Halloween rule from Mean Girls (see the video below) as it is so true.

Happy Halloween from Agent Provocateur

My Halloween excitement was also pushed up a gear when I read (and tweeted) about the latest kooky and spooky Agent Provocateur Halloween Lingerie Campaign. This creepy video, named Les Fleurs du Mal, has been made to celebrate the launch of their new Soiree 2011-2012 range.

Agent Provocateur Soiree 2011 from Agent Provocateur on Vimeo.

Halloween Lingerie & Hosiery

So with all this Halloween excitement, I thought I would research/shop into what types of lingerie and hosiery inspired Halloween clothing was out on the market, and here is what I found.

Halloween Costume:

These have to be the best lingerie inspired Halloween costumes that I have seen from 3Wishes.Com (I love the mermaid outfit).

Halloween Hosiery:

Here is a collection of Halloween Hosiery to inspire any costume. You can find these cute little collections from Sparkling Strawberry.

So if you are staying in watching scary movies are going to a party, I hope that you all have a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Jessie J, Henry Holland and Pretty Polly!

The perfect Hosiery Trio

One word. EXCITED!

When I heard that the beautiful Jessie J would be the new face of Henry Holland's tights collection for Pretty Polly - I could not contain my excitement.

With her vibrant personality (and long legs to die for), I knew this collaboration would boost the brands reputation even higher!

When Jessie was asked about how she felt on adversing the campaign, she said "I was the front of the queue for legs. Ever since I started out as a singer, tights have been my statement. When you put on a pair of tights, you feel sexy and powerful.

I have been wearing House of Holland for Pretty Polly tights for ages, there was a point when I almost hadn't realised I was wearing them every time I left my house!"

Jessie & Henry Love Pretty Polly!

As if this all wasn't enough excitement I then saw the advert in which Jessie models the suspender tights...
As you can see from the image below, it has an amazing superheroes theme with a stand out "WHAM" catchline. (that makes me want them even MORE!)

I also love the little behid the scenes comic book style video! In short (or should we say the long of it) Jessie looks incrediable and I want a pair of these tights - at the bargain price of £12 I will definately be investing!

So will you be investing in a pair of these tights? Will they become a winter must have? They are certainly on my list. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Guest Blog By M&S

M&S Lingerie Helps Women Fake the Hourglass - No Matter What Body Shape!

The hourglass figure was well and truly on display at last month’s Emmy Awards, with the likes of Christina Hendricks and Kate Winslet pouring their curves into stunning dresses on the red carpet.

However, not all women can be blessed with a big bust, a tiny waist and silky smooth hips, and so M&S is offering quick lingerie fixes to help ladies transform their figure and give the illusion of a much sought-after hourglass silhouette.

Apple to hourglass

Apple shaped ladies are likely to have a good bust and legs, but with weight stored around the tummy - so all that’s needed is some crafty waist synching.

Essential lingerie piece: M&S Body Solutions Firm Control Waist Sculpt™ Cincher

This cincher creates a fashionable hourglass silhouette with its panel design, shaping the tummy and waist whilst still allowing women to wear their own lingerie.

Pear to hourglass

Pear-shaped ladies tend to have fairly bighips or thighs with a slimmer top half and a pretty flat tummy. So, it’s important to draw as much attention as possible to the waist and boost the cleavage.

Essential lingerie piece: M&S 2 Sizes Bigger Push-Up Bra

This lightweight push-up bra is designed for maximum impact and will doubtlessly draw the eye to the upper body. The clever padding gives the appearance of a cleavage 2 cup sizes larger and the bra can been worn with the straps at the back for an extra cleavage boost.

Strawberry to Hourglass

Those with an inverted triangle, or strawberry, body shape will probably have big boobs and/or broad shoulders with a narrow waist and hips. When trying to achieve the perfect hourglass illusion there’s not too much work to do; it’s all about adding shape to those slim hips.

Essential lingerie piece: M&S Body Solutions Waist Sculpt™ Slip Firm Control

This waist slip is a practical essential that strawberries shouldn’t be without. It's perfect for enhancing the look of dresses and skirts and adding volume to the lower body.

Banana to Hourglass

Rectangle-shaped ladieswill be fairly straight up and down, and the stark opposite to an hourglass, making this the trickiest transformation of all! That’s not to say that it’s impossible though.

Essential lingerie piece: M&S Body Solutions Bonded Waist Sculpt™ Body Firm Control

This firm control body gently shapes a rectangle figure all over for a smoother, sleeker silhouette. Its padded cups will add curves to the top half, so that all that’s needed is a full-skirted to dress to bulk out the bottom half.

And for the Natural Hourglasses

Real hourglasses will have a similarly sized bust and hips, with a much smaller, defined waist. This figure needs making the most of with vintage-style lingerie from the original hourglass era.

Essential lingerie piece: Autograph Rose Lace Padded Longline Bra

Elegant and feminine, this longline bra has a rose lace design which shows off an hourglass to its full potential.

Gentle padding and underwiring give a flattering uplifted shape resulting in sophisticated, modern glamour.

Friday, 14 October 2011

A New Victoria’s Secret

Wow, wow... WOW!

This is all I can say about the new autumn/winter range from Victoria’s Secrets who have used the beautiful Adriana Lima.

Since appearing in Spain Vogue, modelling a stunning range of lingerie wear, she has been in demand by the fashion industry.

The perfect model…

When I read about the latest collection, I could not believe that Adriana Lima was actually 30 years old! All I can say is that I hope I look as great as her when I reach 30. In my opinion Victoria’s Secrets have chosen the perfect model for their collection.


I think that it is safe to say, this collection will has the potential to sell out quickly for the ladies who want to wear it and for the guys who want to see their girlfriends in it.