Thursday, 26 January 2012

Beautiful Boudoir Photography

As you have all read, I am a big fan of a healthy body image, if you are six foot and a size ten or if you at four foot and a size 14. Women around the world are constantly giving themselves a hard time for not being a “perfect” size.

That is why I am in love with the latest craze of ‘boudoir and pin-up photography’ for women. What a better way to boost ones confidence and create sex appeal within seconds that is all wrapped up in one perfect snap.

I recently discovered the fabulous Whirlie Girl Photography, US Based Boudoir Photography, by a wonderful lady named Angela.

Based in Cape Coral, Florida, Angela is a specialist photographer in… you guested it… boudoir photography.

She explains on her site “There’s no better feeling in the world than helping someone new every day feel beautiful and sexy. I love being given the opportunity to help women see themselves in a light, which most never do. We can all look at ourselves in the mirror and think, “hey, you look good today”…but let’s be honest…for most of us…it doesn’t’ happen every day. Sadly, for some women, they do not see that beauty at all. I LOVE helping these women see what others see when they look at them.

In my eyes women like Angela deserve a medal, as they are a real inspiration to women. Even Gok Wan loves a boudoir shoot in his hit TV show of “How to Look Good Naked”.

A Boudoir Session with Angela

A boudoir session with Angela will help to improve self-confidence and worth for women of all ages, sizes and ethnicities. I have included a few of my personal favourite lingerie style boudoir photos, to view more click here.

Find Whirlie Girl Photography

For me a boudoir photography session really is the perfect way to feel sexy, confident and inspired as a woman. We should embrace our bodies more and stop picking at our faults.

If my lovelies readers are inspired by this article and would like a boudoir photography session with Angelia then you can visit her at Whirlie Girl Photography or find her on Facebook for all her latest updates and competitions.


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